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Vital Earth Minerals

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Image of Super Strength Humic MInerals
  • Super Strength Humic MInerals

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Therapeutic strength / rich dark color (Tastes like herbal tea when the dosage is diluted in water)
High potency humic minerals from an ionic whole food based source
  • Alkaline pH of between 9.0 and 9.5
  • Gently processed without heat, pressure extrusion, or chemicals of any kind

    High potency, pure humic minerals, rich in trace minerals, amino acids, fulvic and more, from a fresh water source

  • Supports healthy inflammation response*
  • Significant for healthy bowels and elimination
  • Promotes digestive well-being*
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress*
  • Stimulates normal elimination of toxins*
  • Helps maintain healthy metabolic balance*
  • No gluten, sugar, preservatives or additives
  • Non-GMO
  • Ionic
  • High Bio-Availability
  • Therapeutic Strength

    Humic minerals can be thought of as defenders of all biological mechanisms. They naturally contain some of the most valuable nutrients known to support the body’s normal healthy immune defenses and promote healthy cell integrity. Humic sustains overall health and enhances already healthy system-specific functions.

    These ionic humic minerals are from a fresh water source giving them the lowest molecular weight of all humates. Their small molecular size makes them immediately able to pass directly into cells on contact. Daily use will assist the body in the natural manufacture of glycoproteins that provide immune system and hormone support, and provide strength to cell membranes. Humic is a powerhouse for supporting the normal elimination of everyday toxins from the body. Humic promotes optimal GI tract health and assists healthy digestive function by aiding absorption of key nutrients and promoting normal enzyme production.

    Humic can prevent viruses from binding to or penetrating cells, interrupting the virus's reproductive cycle. It feeds and strengthens the good flora to maintain microbial balance. Humic:

  • Protects the integrity of normal cells*
  • Enhances the body’s ability to produce energy on a cellular level*
  • Provides antioxidant support for cell protection against free radicals*
  • Sustains normal oxygen absorption in blood*
  • Helps protect against oxidative stress*
  • Helps build resistance to seasonal challenges*
  • Augments balanced hormone function, and metabolic reactions*

    Can be used at first sign of imbalance or depressed resistance*

    • Directions

      Directions: The normal daily dose for all our liquids is 1 ounce - (The bottle cap is a 1 ounce measure)
    • 1 ounce is the same as 2 Tablespoons, or 1/8 Cup
    • Our 32 oz. bottles are a 1 month supply
    • You can take our liquid products straight from the bottle, or put them in juice or water.
    • The effectiveness is not diminished by adding them to other liquids or taking them with other brands of supplements
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