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Image of Vitamin B-12 2,000 mcg (Methylcobalamin) Sublingual
  • Vitamin B-12 2,000 mcg (Methylcobalamin) Sublingual

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Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B-12 is a member of the B-complex of vitamins, normally needed in only minute amounts. Vitamin B12 is a general term used to define a group of essential biological compounds known as “cobalamins.” The cobalamins are structurally related to hemoglobin in the blood, and a deficiency of vitamin B12 can produce an anemic state in the body. Conventional doctors’ primary concern with maintaining adequate cobalamin status is to protect against anemia. Over the last ten years, however, a number of central and peripheral neurological disease states have been related to a deficiency of a specific cobalamin.
The most common form of vitamin B12 is cyanocobalamin. While cyanocobalamin works well to prevent anemia, it is the methylcobalamin form that is required to protect against neurological disease and aging. The liver naturally converts a small amount of cyanocobalamin into methylcobalamin, but to correct neurological defects and protect against aging, larger amounts of methylcobalamin are necessary. Published studies show that high doses of methylcobalamin are needed to regenerate neurons and the myelin sheath that protects axons and peripheral nerves. Americans have immediate access to this vitamin B12 analog and unlike prescription drugs, this natural therapy costs very little and is free of side effects. Animal studies have shown that high doses of methylcobalamin are effective in neuronal regeneration. There is no known toxicity at these doses.
Folic Acid, along with vitamin B-12, is required for the synthesis of DNA, the principal genetic material in the body. Being a water-soluble vitamin, Folic Acid helps the body form red blood cells and aids in the formation of genetic material within every body cell. Scientific evidence suggests that adequate folic acid may reduce a woman's risk of having a child with a brain or spinal cord birth defect, making it an important nutritional supplement for women who are or intend to become pregnant.
  • MRM now offers B-12 in quick to disolve orange lozenges.
  • Methylcobalamin is the ACTIVE form of B-12
  • Protects Brain Cells & Nerve Tissue
  • Promotes Healthy Homocysteine Levels
  • Orange Flavored Sublingual Lozenges

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      Ingredients: 1 Tablet supplies: Vitamin B-12 (as methylcobalamin) 2,000 mcg 33,333%, Folic Acid 400 mcg 100%.
      Other Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate, Fructose, Crosscaremelose Sodium, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate & Orange Flavor.

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