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  • Toothpaste Charcoal Whitening CocoMint

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Activated charcoal has a long history of medical uses.

The first recorded therapeutic uses of activated charcoal were by the ancient Egyptians over three thousand years ago. It was for wound healing. The substance itself has an expansive surface area and is adsorbent, which means it has a unique ability to bind with toxins and wash them away. Over time, this quality has caused activated charcoal to be found safe and effective for poison control, cholesterol management, flatulence and a number of other medical conditions.

How activated charcoal makes toothpaste better.

  • whitens – activated charcoal is mildly abrasive and has a vast surface area. This helps it cling to the film on your teeth’s surface so your toothbrush can remove surface stains and unsightly plaque.
  • de–toxifies – bad breath is commonly caused by bacteria feeding on decomposing food particles left in the mouth after eating. Activated charcoal’s vast surface area and its qualities of adsorption work to gather up and rinse away the bacteria, leaving you with a clean-feeling mouth that lasts.

    The toothpaste is black because the natural color of activated charcoal is black. Be assured that the color is quick to disappear in your mouth and to clean-up easily.

    Is it safe to use every day?
    Dental professionals will tell you there is a risk of over-abrasivity when you use products designed for extra whitening. And that harsh abrasives can cause lasting damage to your tooth enamel.

    It is for this reason that The American Dental Association places an upper limit of 250 on a test it uses to measure abrasivity. The measure is known as RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasivity).

    The Natural Dentist Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste’s average RDA is 76, placing it well within the range of the most popular everyday toothpastes.

    What makes this charcoal toothpaste so special?

    The Natural Dentist Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste uses activated charcoal that has been purified, activated and ground into a fine powder. The toothpaste base uses selectively sourced gentle ingredients chosen specifically for their proven therapeutic benefits. Healing Aloe vera tops that list.

    Also, the product contains no harsh ingredients that can irritate your mouth. That means no artificial sweeteners, flavors or dyes and, most particularly, no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

    Finally, its unique Cocomint™ flavor is a pleasant-tasting combination of coconut and mint.

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