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Image of Manuka Honey Throat Soother MGO 200 8+
  • Manuka Honey Throat Soother MGO 200 8+

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Clear mucus, soothe your throat and speed recovery with this honey. Combine Manuka with tea, let its magic work for you.

What does Throat Soother do?
ManukaGuard’s Throat Soother’s palliative properties can help reduce discomfort when it’s needed most. Drinking warm fluids with Throat Soother keeps mucous membranes moist while the honey does its job. Researchers have found that honey may be as effective as common over-the-counter treatments, including common cough suppressants*. Because Throat Soother’s pure, monofloral Manuka Honey reduces discomfort, users experience more restful, healing sleep, supporting faster recovery. It also brings with it all the other health benefits of using authentic Manuka Honey.*

Sugar content: Manuka honey is about 81% fructose and glucose, the same identical, good & healthy sugars found in fruits and vegetables.

The Glycemic Index of Manuka honey is moderate (54-59) as tested in a single randomized study and it must be noted each individual in the study experienced difference in blood sugar response.

  • Directions

    Directions: take ½ Tsp sublingual one hour before food, one to three times a day. Take small amounts, frequently rather than larger amounts once a day.

    Quantity: 8.8 oz – 250 g Approximately 25-day supply when taken as directed

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: raw Manuka Honey MGO 200, 8+

    Warning: Diabetic Warning: Always work with your physician or other medical professional when eating foods or using products that may affect blood sugars.
    Do not use raw honey, regular honey or this honey in a wound, eyes, ears or nose. This honey should only be ingested. When taking a dietary supplement first consult your doctor or other medical professional.
    Not suitable for children under 1 year