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Image of NatCell Thymus Frozen, shipped overnight fedex
  • NatCell Thymus Frozen, shipped overnight fedex

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NatCell Thymus is manufactured and purified via a patented† low temperature process that involves homogenization, fractionation, and ultrafiltration of porcine thymus tissue. The molecules present in this product are selected based on their size and molecular weight (less than 50,000 Daltons), and are isolated in their native state. Once the molecules are selected, the liquid is aseptically bottled and flash-frozen without preservatives to ensure optimal potency, freshness and bioavailability. This process can be applied to different starting materials, allowing for the creation of liquid extracts that are targeted for specific applications. The extract created from this tissue is highly bioavailable and of the highest quality available. The thymus is essential for the maturation and maintenance of the immune system. It functions by releasing certain thymic factors that affect its own regulation as well as the functions of other cells through out the body. These thymic factors (including but not limited to thymosins, thymopoietin, thymic factor X, and serum thymic factor) tend to reach their peak at puberty and decline with age. These peptides are important for the healthy maturation and activation of T lymphocytes, which can in turn activate B-lymphocytes and macrophages and contribute to a healthy immune system.* Figure 1 demonstrates the ability of thymus extract to support healthy immune function.
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