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Liver Sense
Wasabi Liver Formula A healthy liver is the key to neutralizing and eliminating dangerous toxins from the body, so it makes sense to give the finest support available. The comprehensive Liver Sense formula is intended to provide nutritional support for healthy liver function and detoxification. The extraordinary blend features powerful Wasabi, plus Milk Thistle extract and the remarkable Ayruvedic herb Picrorhiza. Wasabi contains a unique spectrum of isothioyanates (6-methyl syphinyl ITC) which is believed to be a more potent detoxifier than the sulfurophane from broccoli. Another 10 synergistic ingredients in the blend help to contribute to this cleansing and purification formula.

Only the unique Liver Sense blend offers so much protection. Protect the Liver The liver is a resilient, but not indestructible. Lifestyle habits such as alcohol consumption, certain medications and environmental toxins can take a toll. In fact, a weakened liver can affect the entire body. To the rescue is Liver Sense blend. It is intended to provide nutritive support for the liver's crucial detoxifying function and its natural regenerative ability including: *Assisting with Phase I and Phase II detoxification *Healthy production of glutathione the protector molecule *Healthy bile production and flow *Antioxidant activity *Rejuvenated and revitalized liver tissue *Contains a full spectrum of concentrated herbal extracts- Milk Thistle, Wasabi, Picrorhiza, Artichoke, Turmeric, Dandelion and Schizandra-the finest liver herbs known. *Additional specialized ingredients help to metabolize fats and promote healthy antioxidant protection- N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Betaine, Indole-3-Carbinol, Alpha Lipoic Acid, plus Choline and Inositol.

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