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Image of Jade Shield (Astragalus Combination)
  • Jade Shield (Astragalus Combination)

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(Astragalus Combination)

Classically known as Augmented Jade Windscreen, this formula is used to build defensive energy (wei qi) and Consolidate the Surface.

Jade Windscreen Powder, Teachings of Zhu Dan Xi

Augments the Qi, Stabilizes the Exterior

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    Astragali Radix
    Botanical Name: Astragalus Membricanaceus
    English name: Milk-vetch root
    Mandarin name: Huang Qi
    Japanese name: Ogi
    Korean name: Hwanggi
    Taste: Sweet Nature: Warming, Extremely safe

    Ligustri Lucidi Fructus
    Botanical Name: Ligustrum lucidum
    English name: Privet fruit
    Mandarin name: Nu Zhen Zi
    Japanese name: Joteishi
    Korean name: Yojungja
    Taste: Bitter and Sweet Nature: Neutral, Extremely safe

    Atractylodis Rhizoma
    Botanical Name: Atractylodis macrocephala
    English name: Atractylodis rhizome
    Mandarin name: Bai Zhu
    Japanese name: Byakujutsu
    Korean name: Paekch'ul

    Cinnamomi, Ramulus
    Botanical Name: Cinnamomum cassia
    English name: Cinnamon twig
    Mandarin name: Gui Zhi
    Japanese name: Keishi
    Korean name: Kyechi
    Taste: Acrid and Sweet Nature: Warm, Extremely safe

    Ledebouriellae Sesloidis Radix
    Botanical Name: Ledebourilla or Saposhinikovia
    English name: Siler
    Mandarin name: Fang Feng
    Japanese name: Bofu
    Korean name: Bangp'ung
    Taste: Acrid and Sweet Nature: Slightly Warm, Extremely safe